15 Saucony Running Shorts For Ultimate Road Safety

Not all running shorts are created equal. Running can make you feel like the wind, but it also leaves you at the mercy of the elements and possible injury.

Even the most fashionable running shorts can’t save you from a roadside accident if they’re not made of the right material. Fit, compression, and material are all factors that can make or break your running experience.

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that will have your back during your runs, here is a run-down of 15 Saucony running shorts for men and women.    

For Men:

1. The 9” Interval

Saucony Men's interval running shorts
Photo by Amazon

The Interval is good for an all-around workout. The material (86% polyester/14% spandex) is breathable and dries fast. Despite the length, the material remains lightweight. 

The built-in boxer brief lining provides adequate compression, which is important for preventing muscle strain. This pair features only one waterproof zipper pocket at the back.

Reflective markings make it safe to use for night runs.   


  • No side pockets 

Get Saucony Men’s Interval 2-1 Shorts from Amazon. 

2. The 8” Endorphin Half Tight

Saucony Endorphin Half Tights

This pair of Saucony Endorphin shorts uses compression tights, which gives you a more fluid run. Because of its skin-tight fit, the fabric moves with you instead of against you. The tightness also keeps your muscles in place when you run, subtly improving stamina and lessening chances of self-injury. 

This pair features a rear envelope pocket, but it is not water-resistant and has no zipper.   


  • It is non-reflective 
  • Rear pocket has no zip

Get Saucony Men’s Endorphin Half Tights from Amazon. 

3. The Inferno

Saucony Men's Inferno running shorts
Photo by Amazon

The Inferno’s main feature is the split design which gives runners a wider range of motion. The seams of the split are reflective, so it is visible even from a peripheral view at both sides. This makes it ideal for low visibility runs. It also features a built-in Sheertek liner that offers support. 


  • Prone to sweat stains

Get Saucony Men’s Inferno Split Short from Amazon. 

4. The 7” Sprint

Saucony Men's Sprint 7 Woven Short

For runners who prefer a looser fit, the Sprint might be for you. This pair uses the same Saucony-grade material in the fabric, so you’re sure to get a lightweight feel. It also has a built-in liner for support. 

Storage-wise, it shares the same waterproof zipper pockets at the rear.


  • No side pockets

Get Saucony Men’s Sprint 7″ Woven Short from Amazon. 

5. The 5” Throttle Woven

Saucony Men's Throttle 5 Woven Short

Composed of lightweight mechanical stretch woven fabric, the 5” Throttle Woven makes running a breezy process. 

Used to carrying lots of things with you? No worry – dual side and back waterproof zippered pockets provide you with plenty of (secure) storage.


  • Pockets could be placed a little higher

Get Saucony Men’s Throttle 5″ Woven Short from Amazon. 

6. The 5” Alpha

Saucony Men's Alpha Shorts
Photo by Amazon

For runners who want a closer fit, the Alpha might be just right. This pair features an internal drawstring, which makes it easier to adjust the fit.

It features a waterproof rear pocket and a reflective Saucony logo, which helps make it safe for rain or night runs. The standard inner lining is also seen in these shorts.  


  • No side pockets 
  • Some people complain about its inner lining 
  • Reflective part only on one side

Get Saucony Men’s Alpha Shorts from Amazon. 

7. The 2” Endorphin

Saucony Men's Endorphin 2 Split Short
Photo by Amazon

The Endorphin is like a more snug version of the Inferno. Its inseam is 0.5 in. smaller than the Inferno. It also features an internal drawstring to adjust the fit.

It shares the same reflective split as the inferno, which also makes it good for night runs. This pair includes the standard Saucony waterproof rear pocket.

Get Saucony Men’s Endorphin 2″ Split Short from Amazon. 

8. The Run Lux

Saucony Men's Run Lux Shorts

These are the most casual running shorts on the list. The Run Lux leans more toward the comfort of the wearer. It is loose, light, and perforated for better ventilation.

It features the same inner lining to prevent chafing. The standard reflective element is found at the front and back for better visibility. 


  • Some find it too long

Get Saucony Men’s Run Lux Shorts from Amazon. 


For Women:

1. The Ignite Tight Short

Saucony Women's Ignite Tight Short II
Photo by Amazon

The Ignite Tight Short combines the two running staples – tights and shorts – into one functional garment. The compression fit offers support for the glutes and hamstrings while preventing chafing.  

The 6 in. inseam makes it breathable and light. This pair features the standard reflective Saucony logo and waterproof rear zip pocket. 


  • Reflective element only on one side

Get Saucony Women’s Ignite Tight Short II from Amazon. 

2. The Scoot Tight

Saucony Women's Scoot Tight 8 Shorts

The Scoot Tight Short is similar in function to the Ignite Half Tight save for a few differences.

Compared to the Inferno Tight Short’s 6 inches, the Scoot Tight Short has a roomier inseam of 8 inches. As the Scoot is longer, it also offers more muscle compression. This pair’s material is also more elastic. 

It features the standard waterproof zip pocket at the back and the reflective logo at the front. 


  • Reflective element only on one side

Get Saucony Women’s Scoot Tight 8″ Shorts from Amazon. 

3. The 5” Tranquil

Saucony Women's Tranquil 5 inch Short

The Tranquil features a more leisurely fit with a different mix of fabrics. Reflective logos are at the front and back of this pair. It also features a Sheertek liner for added comfort and support. A waterproof zip pocket is at the rear.


  • No side pockets

Get Saucony Women’s Tranquil 5 inch Short from Amazon.  

4. The Impulse

Saucony Women's Impulse Shorts
Photo by Amazon

Saucony offers the Impulse as the female equivalent of their common track shorts. Material-wise, it shares a lot of similarities with the Men’s Endorphin. The same components are there: the drawstring, split design, and rear zip pocket.   


  • Split seams are not reflective, only the front logo.

Get Saucony Women’s Impulse Shorts from Amazon. 

5. The Bullet

Saucony Women's Bullet Tight Short
Photo by Amazon

This pair shares a lot of similarities with the other half tights in the women’s line, but the Bullet offers the most compression.

The 4 in. inseam ensures a nice fit. Apart from that, the Scoot is also longer, which offers more muscle compression.

Reflective designs on all sides make this a good pair for low visibility running. It also has three pockets including two mesh side pockets. 


  • Might be too tight for some

Get Saucony Women’s Bullet Tight Short from Amazon. 

6. The 2” Endorphin

Saucony Women's Endorphin 2 Split Short
Photo by Amazon

The women’s Endorphin is a lighter, shorter alternative to the Impulse. It has reflective print on all sides, compared to the Impulse’s front logo. However, the Impulse has a wider split design. The Endorphin also has a waterproof rear zip pocket.


  • No side pockets

Get Saucony Women’s Endorphin 2″ Split Short from Amazon. 

7. The 3” Rush

Saucony Women's Rush 3 Woven Short
Photo by Amazon

The Rush is a classic women’s running short made with 100% polyester, which dries faster. It has a close fit, with a 3-inch inseam. This pair features an internal drawstring and a rear zip pocket. Reflective print lines both sides of the shorts. 


  • No side pockets

Saucony Running Shorts: Final Verdict

Saucony running shorts offer a wide selection of materials and fits to choose from. Each variety is made from odor-free and chafe-free fabric, which maximizes comfort.

Most importantly, the reflective prints keep runners safe in low visibility.

What are you waiting for? Get your Saucony running shorts today!


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